Mentoring Resources

National Mentoring Resource Center:

This organization is a resource guide for youth mentoring programs through increased use of evidence-based practice and sharing practitioner innovations. By collectively promoting accessibility to programmatic initiatives, guides for facilitation, and research/ evaluation initiatives, the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of youth mentoring across the country is attainable.

The National Mentoring Partnership: 

This site has many resources on mentoring including a guide to effective practices for mentoring; checklist for mentoring programs; and, activity sheets for mentors. Additionally, webinar series, mentor training curriculum, and mentoring impact and anecdotal evidence are accessible to organizations irrespective of their experience.

The SEARCH Institute:

This institute has a developmental framework that includes ways for mentors to build strong relationships with their mentees.


Free professional mentoring resources are offered at this site; resources include: The complete mentoring program toolkit, ultimate guide to promoting your mentoring program, and mentoring program tip sheet.

Management Mentors

This site advances the mentoring consulting firm which promotes the philosophy of supporting individuals in organizations; helping them create and sustain developmental and transformational mentoring relationships. The resources presented are in line with the philosophical preposition.


This site is to assist any organization running their own mentoring initiative. Resources include: process charts and accompanying documents,  mentor and mentee handbooks, as well as sample application; induction; and evaluative processes.

Office of Human Resources: NIH Training Center: Mentoring Resources

Resources for those participating in a program that does leverage mentor/mentee relationships; identify and forge a relationship with a mentor/mentee of your own. This occurs through activities for mentor/mentee pairs, mentoring relationship boundaries and preparation exercises

This website explores extant research on best practices for youth mentorship, offers an evaluations of youth mentoring programs, and presents publications; resources; tools and guides to explore as community-based mentoring programs strive to build relationships with their target population.

Youth Build U.S.A:

The resource materials are developed by the YouthBuild National Mentoring Alliance to support their initiatives as well as make materials available to the larger mentoring community to add to the knowledge/ share broadly.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: ;

“For high-risk youths who have limited access to informal mentoring by positive role models, structured mentoring programs can play a key role in promoting healthy development. The goal of mentoring programs is to provide youth with positive adult contact and, thereby, reduce risk factors (e.g., early antisocial behavior, alienation, family management problems, lack of commitment to school) by enhancing protective factors (e.g., healthy beliefs, opportunities for involvement, and social and material reinforcement for appropriate behavior).” (quoted directly from the site).

Save Our Youth Mentoring

A comprehensive site to note activities, fundamentals, and basics of mentoring youth.

United Way

Practices of effective mentoring are highlighted, and research findings are illuminated to cover the spans of mentoring and tis contribution to lives.

Mass Mentors

The resources offered at this site entail advocacy; quality-based membership; strengthening the program capacity; financial and in-kind resource.


A youth development organization with hands on educational capacity that links prospective organizations with existing organizations across the state of Louisiana in various parishes. This information is most useful under the 4-H professional tabs and subtabs.

America’s Promise Alliance

Curates a high-quality and diverse set of resources  and data related to children and youth